5 09 2008


Sometimes I stumble upon things that catch my eye, my attention… I don’t know… it could be an image, a face, some words, a conversation, maybe… or just a ray of light falling down on somethig, or a combination of colours… or anything at all…

And sometimes I… I don’t understand what that thing means… but I feel it’s important… And I take it with me. I write it down, I write down the words or I describe the way that the light plays on the surface of an object… And I don’t know what I’ll do with it… but I know I’ll use it sometime, that I’ll need it sometime…

Sometimes it happens… that I hear something… or I read something… and I don’t understand what it means exactly… But I know someday I will… And I write it down in my notebook.

And when I have nothig to do… or I’m bored… or I feel that something’s missing and I don’t know what it is and I don’t know where I should look for it… I just open my notebook and start reading… And it’s there!… It’s there… the thing I was looking for… and those words I didn’t understand at first… they make perfect sense now… And now I use them. I take those words and breathe them into me… and when I breathe them out… it’s complete…

It’s hard to explain… It’s like… there’s something that is in me, and there’s something that is beyond me. And it’s really hard to put it all in one place. But sometimes… when the time is right… it just happens. And… I don’t know what’s coming out… But it’s really nice to try to create something out of this…

And… those colours I’ve seen that day, so long ago… I take them now and I put them over whatever I feel in this moment… I breathe them into me, I drop them into my eyes, I wrap myself with them… and it fits! It’s just a brand new feeling… a brand new sound… a new painting, really…

And it’s beautiful… I don’t know… it just makes me smile…

P.S. Ceva scris demult, pe cand foloseam foarte des puncte-puncte 🙂
       Si o fotografie pe care am facut-o de curand, cu sentimentul ca probabil inseamna ceva…




7 responses

5 09 2008

I really enjoy the way you manage yourself through words…it’s nice to see that we have points in common,

8 09 2008

puncte puncte…
poza alb negru…
I don’t know-uri….
detalii in prim plan si detalii in planul secund, dar fara focalizare…
desi nu sunt focalizate si florile din spate inseamna ceva, nu-i asa? 🙂
si scrisul in limba engleza, de multe ori, de foarte multe ori si eu parca scriu altfel in engleza, parca sunt mai libera.
foarte frumos, mi-a facut mare placere sa citesc asta 🙂 keep up the good work!
take care

8 09 2008

oh, and I love Foamy :X and Peanut :X brilliant charcaters! :)))

8 09 2008

Now, that you mentioned it… poate ca asta inseamna fotografia: ca orice lucru, oricat de mic si oricat de fade are importanta lui. De la perisorii mici de pe tuplinele din prim plan, la florile incetosate din planul doi, poate ca si dungile sterse din planul cel mai indepartat au si ele rostul lor, nu?

Multumesc frumos pt comentarii, Astrid. 🙂

9 09 2008

my pleasure >:D<

10 09 2008

Iau tot ce pot din textul tau, imi dai voie? 😀 😛

11 09 2008

Esti invitatul meu 😉

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