Am I romantic? ;)

3 02 2009


They say I’m not the most romantic person. 😛

Dar cateodata sunt atat de romantica si de mushy si de calda si de plina de frematare incat fredonez ca pe o tantra, din nou si din nou, versurile urmatoare:

“I am thinking it’s a sign
That the freckles in our eyes are mirror images
And when we kiss they’re perfectly aligned
I have to speculate
That God himself did make
Us into corresponding shapes
Like puzzle pieces from the clay”


Cateodata, for no specific reason, devin romantica si revarsatoare ca o ploaie calda si stresez oamenii din jurul meu cu clipitul incet din gene, de parca exista un mare secret al lumii, datator de fericire gratuita si permanenta si numai eu il stiu. Si atunci citez, putin gresit, o replica dintr-un film vechi:

(I think of you) when I tie my shoes, when I peel an orange, when I drive my car.

Si tot cand sunt romantica si excessively sentimental, caut prin calculator o poezie auzita intr-un dulceag film vechi:

It wasn’t when you left I felt you gone,
Or even on that first astounding dawn
When I flung out my hand, still half-asleep,
To comfort you, and found the empty sheet.
Or even one week later, when at noon
By accident I cooked a meal for two.
Or even when a rainstorm shook the eaves
And silence struck too awful to believe.
No, seasons passed before I felt the loss:
A bloom, a burn, an unexpected frost,
Then New Year’s came. And just like every year,
I toasted possibility and cheered.
Then kicking home into the holy night
I stopped: no voice complained of too much white.

But that’s pretty much it. 😛




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