Oh no, not that again!

4 09 2009


Pe AVQ&A s-a deschis zilele trecute o discutie despre cliseele atat de des intalnite in filme. Cum vara asta block-busterele mult-trambitate au cam avut de suferit la capitolul originalitate, m-am amuzat sa citesc o lista luuunga cu ce clisee am dori atat de mult sa dispara. Transcriu mai jos doar cateva dintre ele si le las in engleza, ca suna prea fain.

Intrebarea de la care s-a pornit a fost: If you could permanently wipe one cliché—character, plot, anything—from the future of culture, what would it be?

Iar raspunsurile la care am zambit aprobator au fost:

  • The loyal, loving wife and mother who suddenly turns into a screaming shrew midway through the film, for the express purpose of trying to get her husband to drop the court case or stop chasing the criminal or stop investigating the evil corporate types or whatever. Some variation on the phrase “You’re tearing this family apart!” is often used.
  •  A family man whose wife and possibly children get killed, turning him into a stripped-down vengeance machine who has to hunt down and brutalize all the bad guys remotely responsible.
  • Making up for decades of shitty parenting with one grandiose, pointless gesture.
  • The family movie dilemma that pits Dad’s Big Meeting against his neglected kid’s Big School Concert/Play/Soccer Game/whatever. It requires audiences to feel that yes, it’s horribly unjust that someone would choose to preserve their career rather than jeopardizing it every time their kid is about to have a Kodak moment. 🙂
  • Character flipping vacantly through TV channels as shorthand for the emptiness and superficiality of consumerism and Western society. It’s an incredibly lazy, overly familiar way of establishing a character’s soul-sickness and disengagement from himself, nature, and the world around him. If characters are flipping glassy-eyed through increasingly ridiculous television shows and commercials in the film’s first 15 minutes, odds are good they’ll undergo a spiritual epiphany or two by the times the credits roll. 🙂
  • Judging by far too many movies, the small town is a bastion of serenity, an oasis away from the tormented, soul-crushing despair of your typical urban hellscape.
  • The college professor as stand-up comedian. If the professor is an actual protagonist in the story – someone we’re supposed to like – their lectures consist of them dropping pearls of wisdom, then undercutting those pearls with a quick joke, which invariably makes the whole class laugh knowingly.
  • “He wanted to leave the criminal world behind and go straight… after one last job.” Screw that. It’s just a weak, overused way of gaining audience sympathy for the main character in a heist film, as if the crime the thief is going to commit is okay, since he doesn’t really mean it.
  • Children being avatars for insight into the human condition? If you’ve ever seen a movie where Haley Joel Osment or Dakota Fanning soulfully implored the adults around them to be better people, you know exactly what I’m talking about. 🙂

Ultimele doua sunt preferatele mele 🙂

 For more cliche fun, check this out:   moviecliches.com




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