Die You Zombie Bastards!

30 10 2009

Ce film vedeti de Halloween? Nu v-ati hotarat? Am eu cateva sugestii: ce parere aveti de Die You Zombie Bastards!? E un super film din 2005, notat pe imdb cu 4.8 si cu review-uri care spun cam asa: I feel like somebody took a handful of $hit and threw it at a movie screen! 😆

Filmul l-am descoperit pe virginmedia.com, intr-un top al weirdest movie titles ever (part I & part II)! Foarte interesante si potrivite pentru o noapte de groaza mi se par si urmatoarele:

Die You Zombie Bastards! (2005)

Straight and to the point, this one. There are zombies. They die, courtesy of a serial killer trying to rescue his wife in peril. You’ll be shocked to learn it’s a comedy.

Space Zombie Bingo (1993)

This one owes its title to a far-fletched plot about undead alien invaders. As far as we know nobody actually goes to the bingo. And yes, those are three exclamation marks.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

Rule number one: if you’re going to have a bad movie title, at least try and have the courtesy to spell it properly. Then again, if your movie is about alien clowns, does it actually matter?

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988)

Ah, don’t you just love subtle movie titles? If you do, then you’re probably better off avoiding this particular B-movie – the title pretty much reveals the plot too.

Cannibal Women In The Avocado Jungle Of death (1989)

Not sure what an avocado jungle is exactly but all is explained in this elaborately-named 1989 effort. It’s actually a battle of the sexes action comedy. Complete with man-munching women.

Killer Condom: The Rubber That Rubs You Out (1997)

You can guess what you’re getting with this one – it’s a horror film about murderous condoms that go round ‘castrating’ their victims in a sleazy hotel. What happened to safe sex?

The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Becam Mixed Up Zombies!!? (1964)

Possibly a contender for the most far-fetched film title of all time, although the memorable moniker is probably the best thing about this shambling sixties zombie fare.

Killer Tomatoes Eat France! (1991)

Ah, you can’t go wrong with a mutant vegetable movie. This franchise gained notoriety thanks to a sequel which featured one George Clooney in his pre-political, mullet-sporting years.

Si preferatele mele:

Polutrygeist: Night Of The Cicken Dead (2006)

You can always count on Troma to come up with weird and wonderful titles and here’s another one, for their 2006 mutant killer chicken movie. Anyone else hungry? Just us, then…

Kids Go To The Wood… Kids Get Dead (2009)

Innovative B-movie throwback to horror classics of old (complete with VHS tracking) about your typical teens in peril. Will they survive? Well… no, obviously not. Didn’t you see the title?

In ceea ce priveste posterele, nu-i asa ca sunt foarte tari?:

Rabid grannies (1988) – mai ales tag-line-ul 😆

Possibly the oddest thing ever to come out of the Belgian film industry (Jean-Claude Van Damme excepted), this should appeal to you if spending time with demon old ladies is your idea of fun.

The Gingerdead Man 2: Passion Of The Crust (2008)

Not so much a longed-for sequel as an excuse for an awful pun. Really it’s just an excuse for a bunch of over-the-top gory mayhem featuring a large mutant biscuit. You have been warned.


 P.S.1 Acest articol este un pamflet, NU va recomand filmele de mai sus. Daca vreti sa vedeti vreunul, o faceti pe proprie raspundere. 😛

P.S.2 Ce va recomand in schimb este aceasta melodie: Mugison – Salt (Doar ascultati-l, fara sa priviti video, nu are nicio legatura si impactul este mai puternic). Mie imi place, dar unora! li se pare creepy. 😛




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