2 06 2010

You Are Where

You are a very adventurous person, and you’re happiest when you’re able to travel freely.

You’re interested in the whole planet, and you want to see as much of it as possible.

You believe that you have to see some things to truly understand them. You know that travel makes you a better, more well rounded person.

You are off to see the world whenever you can, and when you’re not, you’re dreaming about it.

Are You Who, What, Where, or Why?

Oarecum evident, nu? Desi eu intotdeauna ezitam cu raspunsul la ‘Ce intrebare esti?‘, iata ca asta da, makes sense. Dar nu ‘Unde?‘, ci ‘Incotro?‘…

Voi ce intrebare sunteti?




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