Astazi pe repeat

21 08 2010

Foto de aici.

Eliza Doolittle – Pack Up

I get tired
And upset
And i’m trying to care a little less
When i google i only get depressed
I wast taught to dodge those issues I was told
Don’t worry
There’s no doubt
There’s always something to cry about
When you’re stuck in an angry crowd
They don’t think what they say before they open their mouths
Pack up your troubles in you old kit bag
And bury them beneath the sea
I don’t care what the people may say
What the people may say about me
Pack up your troubles get your old grin back
Don’t worry ’bout the cavalry
I don’t care what the whisperers say
Cos’ they whisper too loud for me.

Hot topic
Maybe I should drop it
It’s a touchy subject
and I like to tiptoe round the tiff goin’ down
You got penny, but no pound
your business is running out
‘not my business to talk about
They don’t think what they say before they open their mouths.
Tweet tweet
tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet
Yeahh yeah yeah
yeah yeah




3 responses

27 08 2010

Love it, love it, loooove it!

30 08 2010

Foarte summery, nu? 🙂

1 09 2010

O să râzi, dar am revenit ca să îi aflu titlul, că atunci nu l-am reţinut. :))
Da, e fresh şi plină de culoare!

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